Welcome to Stratelogical  – a blog that offers insight, analysis and opinion on business and technology strategy.

The act of writing is the act of discovering what you believe.

– David Hare

Through this blog, I seek to explore and discover what I believe in, and express my discovery and exploration to the world.

I am an engineer with a graduate degree in business and several years of experience in technology and engineering companies. During the day, I am a Product Manager at Amazon, and when I’m not Product Managing, I spend way too much time reading tech and business news, and seeking interesting coffee.

I write a lot about my views on Amazon; but the contents of this blog are my personal views and does not represent the views of Amazon or its management. Data and information on this blog will never represent confidential Amazon information.

With my full-time day job, I intend to post only bi-weekly or monthly. To stay updated, please follow Stratelogical on Facebook, LinkedInTwitter or RSS.

I look forward to making this blog worth your time.